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TEDx Silicon Valley: Over 100,000 watch in 45 countries

12.16.09 | Category: Breaking News, Interaction Design, Power Zen, Simplicity

On Dec 12th, TEDx Silicon Valley brought together several hundred leading thinkers and doers to talk about Innovations for Social Change. A great lineup included Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Peter Thiel (Clarium Capital/Founders Fund), Thomas Goetz (Wired Magazine), Dr. Clayborne Carson (Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford University) and many more. [...]

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ELON MUSK – The Über Entrepreneur’s Next Ideas

04.09.09 | Category: Breaking News, Interaction Design, Power Zen, Valley Future

Drue Kataoka, Elon Musk and Bill Fenwick

You already know it all about the fabled “Über Entrepreneur” (as he was billed by the Churchill Club yesterday) Elon Musk. How he dropped out of the graduate program in Physics at Stanford after only two days, how he co-founded PayPal and was the largest shareholder when it sold to EBAY in 2002 for 1.5 billion, and all about his latest accomplishments and adventures with Tesla and SpaceX.

At ValleyZen we like to report on what we don’t know about yet, what’s new, what is in the imaginative space. In a Sumi-e painting that’s like the negative space, the space between brush strokes where all possibilities lie. People in Silicon Valley are comfortable with things that haven’t been defined yet and with what is uncertain. That’s exciting.

Yesterday we met with Elon and…

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Tim O’Reilly at Home in Sebastopol – VIDEO Interview

02.01.09 | Category: Interaction Design, Power Zen, Simplicity, Unexpected, Valley Future, Video

Tim O'Reilly and Drue KataokaGo all access with us at Tim O’Reilly’s home, as he graciously opens his doors to ValleyZen.

Join us in an exclusive video experience where twisting country backroads lead to the home of the Founder & CEO of O’Reilly Media. ValleyZen was invited to O’Reilly’s Sebastopol dwelling which is nestled on 6 acres of farmland–far from Silicon Valley hustle and bustle, and tucked between California earth and sky.

O’Reilly is candid, open and relaxed, taking us on a tour of his home, his kitchen, and even his treehouse. This video is filled with action, movement, and satori!

The trailer below shows a few minutes of highlights taken from footage shot over the course of an entire morning…

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Daniel Borel, Co-Founder Logitech on One Billionth Mouse – VIDEO Exclusive

12.11.08 | Category: Breaking News, Interaction Design, Video

Daniel Borel, Co-Founder Logitech and Drue Kataoka Logitech Co-Founder Daniel Borel is celebrating the creation of ONE BILLION mice. “That’s enough (end on end) to stretch to the moon and back,” he told a packed Stanford Memorial Auditorium gathered to honor the 40th anniversary of Douglas Engelbart’s landmark 1968 “DEMO” at SRI that signaled the dawn of interactive computing.

Don’t Miss ValleyZen’s exclusive VIDEO interview with Daniel Borel:

  • Daniel Borel on One Billion Mice
  • Zen “out-of-the-box” thinking in Logitech’s (sometimes shocking but always interesting) advertising
  • Logitech’s early roots, founded on a farm in Apples, Vaud, Switzerland
  • Tech Incubators: Swiss Farms vs. Valley garages…
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    Wellsphere Launch: the Zen of Health – ValleyZen Exclusive

    09.05.08 | Category: Breaking News, Interaction Design, Simplicity, Zen Search

    ValleyZen Wellsphere
    “ValleyZen will be the first to know when we pull the trigger,” said Ron Gutman, Co-Founder and CEO of Wellsphere. A sleep-deprived but adrenalized team gathered around him at Wellsphere headquarters in San Mateo yesterday morning. Having worked around the clock the past few weeks in preparation for today’s launch of Wellsphere 2.0, they seemed none the worse for the wear.

    “Welcome to our office,” said Dave Kashen, Co-Founder and CFO.
    “It’s NOT an office, it’s a WellHome,” quipped Gutman…

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    How to Get a 3G iPhone with No Wait — in Palo Alto

    07.15.08 | Category: Interaction Design, Simplicity

    ValleyZen on the iPhone 3GDaunting lines wrapping Kipling street tighter than Apple shrink wrap don’t inspire you to join them. However, luck, timing, and circumstance collided. We were able to avoid the lines altogether.

    Yesterday, umbrella shaded iPhone fans wilted in California sun. As of this morning Apple Palo Alto, Apple Stanford, Apple Los Gatos, and the AT&T store on El Camino were all “out of stock.” But on Saturday I chose twilight to step into the glass doors at Apple Stanford…

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    HIROSHI ISHII, Founder Tangible Media Group at MIT Media Lab, on The Zen of HCI

    06.15.08 | Category: Interaction Design, Simplicity, Video

    Hiroshi Ishii, Founder Tangible Media Group MITValleyZen’s Bill and Drue spoke with Prof. Hiroshi Ishii after his Stanford lecture for Prof. Terry Winograd’s CS Human-Computer Interaction Seminar. Ishii granted ValleyZen an exciting satori-inducing interview at Drue’s studio. Watch the video…

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    Google’s SiS adds Zen-like feature. Good for them? Yes. Good for you? Read on…

    03.26.08 | Category: Interaction Design, Simplicity, Zen Search

    Retailers and publishers are perturbed at Google over a new feature “Search within Site” (SiS). Why have so many web feathers been ruffled? Google has offered this functionality for at least 7 years, but a larger audience is only just now becoming aware and in some cases upset by it. Why’s that?

    Ever wanted a great example of the impact that Zen-like, intuitive, experiential user interaction design can make? Here it is…

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    What is the Sound of One Footprint Disappearing?

    03.21.08 | Category: Interaction Design, Simplicity

    The Transformation of Tangible to Intangible

    Sixty years ago the value of productivity and wealth was determined by the value of the tangible property you made or possessed…In the 1960’s that all began to change. Information technology was silently converting tangible property to the intangible with the value of the intangible determined by the value of the intelligence it contained and not the tangible property. Resources consumed and standards of living were going to be highly impacted. A personal story that illustrates…

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    TechCrunch Censors Alltop Post

    03.11.08 | Category: Breaking News, Interaction Design, Simplicity

    Minutes ago, TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington posted a less than flattering post on Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop. (To learn more about Alltop, check out the video interview I did with Guy on the eve of the launch of Alltop beta.) TechCrunch has removed the post, as twitterers and bloggers…

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