EPISODE 3 – Tim Draper DFJ Men’s Room – Video Interview

03.03.08 | Category: Asymmetry, Power Zen, Unexpected, Video

Today we are releasing the much-anticipated Episode 3 of Tim Draper VC Samurai. Tim Draper gives us a tour of the Men’s Room at DFJ with his famous sheep painting, a DFJ masterpiece. Follow these links if you’ve missed the trailer and Episode 1 or Episode 2.

Check out Episode 3:

DFJ Men’s Room Tour

  • Tim’s Masterpiece – A Painting of a Sheep
  • Surviving the Highs & Lows of an Entrepreneur’s Life
  • How to collect oneself before a big pitch!
  • Samurai of the Sand Hill Challenge
  • Tim’s VC Samurai Winning Techniques

Tour of DFJ Lobby

  • Tim on the “Rhino Market”
  • Billion Dollar Frisbee
  • Keeping Track of Trophies
  • Zen Alignment in Business and Life: Tim demonstrates!

Tune in for Episode 4 on Monday March 10 only on ValleyZen.com. Don’t miss:

  • More wisdom from Tim
  • Drue’s Shakuhachi concert for Tim
  • Witness a shoot-out in DFJ’s office. Somebody, call the Police!
  • Tim’s Samurai Flip: The complete, uncut footage of Drue flying into the air!

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  1. Drue

    Today’s Tim Draper Video posted just this morning is already HONORED on Youtube as one of today’s Science and Technology Favorites.

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  3. Drue

    Blogger Aliya Zaidi’s post today— “Monday is Valley Zen Day” on her Blog Evolution is spot on.
    I like that she enjoys the irreverence and fun of Valley Zen Videos but also the substance and Silicon Valley essence there too.

  4. Thomas Han


    “much-anticipated”?!?! It’s more than that :-)

    You sure know how to hook your readers. I’ve been watching these installments since day 1 and I like how you break them up into weekly episodes. Makes the video not too long and interesting to come back to weekly.

    Thanks again!

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