Digerati 9 – People You Should Meet

07.29.08 | Category: Power Zen, Simplicity, Unexpected

ValleyZen covers Digerati 9Digerati 9 “sold out” faster than expected and was filled to capacity. The free, but invitation only event formed a wait list quickly earlier this month. On Sunday at the private home of Ron Gutman, techies took in sun and a view from his deck while leisurely sipping champagne and eating mousse. I asked Ron Gutman about the Zen of Digerati. “There is no agenda and we don’t try to frame anything. We don’t tell people what to expect or how to behave. It just…

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How to Get a 3G iPhone with No Wait — in Palo Alto

07.15.08 | Category: Interaction Design, Simplicity

ValleyZen on the iPhone 3GDaunting lines wrapping Kipling street tighter than Apple shrink wrap don’t inspire you to join them. However, luck, timing, and circumstance collided. We were able to avoid the lines altogether.

Yesterday, umbrella shaded iPhone fans wilted in California sun. As of this morning Apple Palo Alto, Apple Stanford, Apple Los Gatos, and the AT&T store on El Camino were all “out of stock.” But on Saturday I chose twilight to step into the glass doors at Apple Stanford…

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Bill Draper, Draper Richards – Exclusive VIDEO

07.08.08 | Category: Power Zen, Samurai, Simplicity, Uncategorized, Unexpected, Valley History, Video

Bill Richards, Draper Richards and Drue Kataoka

Step inside William H. Draper III’s James Bond-like San Francisco office. Bill Draper is one of the West Coast’s first venture capitalists, starting his VC career in 1962. He was founder of Sutter Hill Ventures and led it for 20 years. In the eighties, he served in diplomatic positions such as head of the Export-Import Bank and chief of the United Nations Development Program. Currently, he is the General Partner of Draper Richards and Director of the Draper Richards Foundation. ValleyZen interviews him. Don’t miss this amazing video!!

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