Portrait of Michelle Obama by Drue Kataoka

02.16.09 | Category: Power Zen, Simplicity, Zen Government

Drue has recently completed a portrait of Michelle Obama. We look forward to your responses and reactions. Please view her portrait of the First Lady and read the story behind the portrait…

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Tom Siebel Offers 20 Million Dollar Prize

02.12.09 | Category: Breaking News, Power Zen, Unexpected, Valley Future

Tom Siebel and Drue Kataoka
After his presentation today, Tom Siebel fielded audience questions.
A voice began speaking…

“What are you?” Siebel asked.
“A freshman,” the voice said.
“What are you studying?”
“Still figuring that out.”

“Me too,” said Siebel.

Silicon Valley gets Zen.

In the 80s and 90s, Siebel’s expertise in relational database theory helped him make Siebel Systems a global leader in software. Now he is becoming a Zen beginner—moving away from his domain, IT (Information Technology) into a totally new arena (Energy Technology). Even though Siebel has spent the last three years doing research on energy issues, this is uncharted territory for him. He’s taking a radical departure from his “comfort zones” in order to tackle pressing ecological problems. Siebel gave us a sneak preview of…

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Jillian Manus & Alan Salzman’s Valentine’s Ball: Celebs Support Cancer Research

02.08.09 | Category: Breaking News

Jillian Manus Alan Salzman and Drue KataokaIt is only February but already Jillian Manus and Alan Salzman have set the bar high for the best parties of 2009 in Silicon Valley. Last night guests arrived to raise money and awareness for the Stanford Cancer Center

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Tim O’Reilly at Home in Sebastopol – VIDEO Interview

02.01.09 | Category: Interaction Design, Power Zen, Simplicity, Unexpected, Valley Future, Video

Tim O'Reilly and Drue KataokaGo all access with us at Tim O’Reilly’s home, as he graciously opens his doors to ValleyZen.

Join us in an exclusive video experience where twisting country backroads lead to the home of the Founder & CEO of O’Reilly Media. ValleyZen was invited to O’Reilly’s Sebastopol dwelling which is nestled on 6 acres of farmland–far from Silicon Valley hustle and bustle, and tucked between California earth and sky.

O’Reilly is candid, open and relaxed, taking us on a tour of his home, his kitchen, and even his treehouse. This video is filled with action, movement, and satori!

The trailer below shows a few minutes of highlights taken from footage shot over the course of an entire morning…

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