EPISODE 4 – Tim Draper Samurai Flips Drue – Video Interview

03.13.08 | Category: Power Zen, Unexpected, Video

Episode 4 of Tim Draper VC Samurai Video Interview is being released today! From machine guns to music, this episode has it all. Tim Draper and Drue get a nerf machine gun demo from DFJ’s Warren Packard. A shootout in the DFJ offices ensues – Duck ! Then, Drue performs a shakuhachi improvisation for Tim in his office. And the grand finale –Tim surprises Drue with a Samurai Flip.

Follow these links if you’ve missed: The trailer and Episode 1. Episode 2. Episode 3.

Tune in for a surprising video guest on ValleyZen.com next Monday, March 17th! ——- We’re back on schedule.

Here is a direct link to Episode 4. Or embed is below.

We’d like to thank everyone for their feedback and enthusiasm for our ValleyZen video interviews. Stay tuned for more!!

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  1. NEENZ

    I loved this interview! Now, I will watch the other episodes. You have that effect Drue on your guests and audience.


  2. HENRI


  3. Borcho

    Drue, I loved the flip and you managed to stay quite calm throughout the excercise.


  4. evolution

    Another great installment, Drue! Love the samurai flip – looks like Tim really swept you off your feet – literally!

    Looking forward to more Valley Zen videos soon :)


  5. NerfPro

    Action, adventure, suspense, slow-mo…what else can the Valley ask for! Well done!

  6. Drue Kataoka

    NEENZ & Henri, thank you.
    Borcho – Zen tranquility!
    Evolution – Thanks for your enthusiasm for the ValleyZen video series and for featuring it in your blog. We’re exited by the responses.

    Excellent to have a visit to ValleyZen from the “NERFPRO” himself. Most can only dream of sporting such a prestigious title:) Gracious of you to share your machineNerf techniques honed over many years and based on experience from the Nerf Battlefields of Silicon Valley.

    Everyday at DFJ is filled with suspense, slow-mo and excitement, right? :)

  7. Two months later…

    [...] episode video interview with Tim Draper from Draper Fisher Jurvetson in which he discusses Bushido, catapults Drue into the air, and gives [...]

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