Jillian Manus & Alan Salzman’s Valentine’s Ball: Celebs Support Cancer Research

02.08.09 | Category: Breaking News

Jillian Manus Alan Salzman and Drue Kataoka
It is only February but already Jillian Manus and Alan Salzman have set the bar high for the best parties of 2009 in Silicon Valley. Last night guests arrived to raise money and awareness for the Stanford Cancer Center. eBay’s Meg Whitman, Amidzad Founder Saeed Amidi, Applied Material’s CEO Mike Splinter, and SkinnySongs CEO Heidi Roizen were among the guests.

Drue Kataoka, eBay’s Meg Whitman, experimental physicist Dr. Charles Munger Jr., and Griffith R. Harsh IV, M.D. Professor of Neurosurgery and Director, Stanford Neurosurgery Resident Training Program

Jillian Manus and Alan Salzman's Castle

Rapunzel swoons atop Manus Salzman Castle balcony. Courtiers welcome guests on red carpet.

Cinderella horse-drawn coach glitters. Horses with chameleonic iridescent purple to pink fur seem to be Silicon Valley relatives of the Wizard of Oz’s “horses of a different color.”

Drue in Valentine blossom-decked Roberto Cavalli

Jillian commands the audience with a rousing and inspirational speech about the Stanford Cancer Center. Just back from Davos, she gives a global anecdote, and a personal one.

The ever-elegant Helen Salzman, for whom the Helen Salzman Boutique in the Stanford Cancer Center was named.

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  1. P. Deschenes

    Wow! I wish I were there!
    I thought nobody threw parties like this one after the bubble.

  2. Peter Pan

    Great party. Great photos. Great cause.
    Many thanks to Jillian & Alan for organizing this event!

  3. JWeissman

    This party does set the bar high for all of us!
    Brava and bravo to Jilian and Alan for making a difference in cancer research as cancer is a devastating disease that is impossible to face without support from family, friends, community.

  4. Howard Weaver

    Oh my, Drue. This has a distinct whiff of Marie Antoinette to me.

  5. Leslie

    I love the Botox and Ambien, especially. The fairy-tales of big pharma, perhaps, while we wait for them to deliver some happily ever after in cancer research, hmm? Was there any official sponsorship from these companies, or just a borrowing of these drug’s names under a little tongue-in-cheek creative license?

    And, wowza on that dress, Drue!

  6. Mark Urbanek

    A fairy tale dream come true! What a great theme for such a worthy cause. And Drue….looking stunning as always…….

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