EPISODE 2 – Tim Draper, VC Samurai – Video Interview

02.25.08 | Category: Power Zen, Simplicity, Video

Today we are releasing Episode 2 of Tim Draper VC Samurai. Last Monday we posted Episode 1 and a short trailer of this action-packed interview with Tim. In Episode 2, delve deeper into the Zen world of Tim Draper.Tim’s Samurai Lessons for Entrepreneurs:

  • Freedom from life and death
  • Approaching life with wild abandon
  • Samurai loyalty
  • Discipline and asceticism
  • Tim’s tips on how to simplify
  • Going through complexity to find simplicity

Tour of Tim’s Office:

  • Tim’s trunk
  • Tim’s favorite drink
  • How to honor failure

Tune in for Episode 3 on Monday March 2 only on ValleyZen.com. Don’t miss:

  • A tour of the DFJ Men’s Bathroom, featuring Tim’s famous sheep painting
  • Stories from the Sand Hill Challenge
  • DFJ’s golden Frisbee: what does it take to win one?
  • Witness a shoot-out in DFJ’s office. Somebody, call the Police!
  • Tim’s Samurai Flip: Drue flies into the air!

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  1. Aliya Zaidi

    Love it! Another great episode, Drue. Really engaging and humourous but also providing some universal life lessons – life is truly exciting and liberating when you’re no longer afraid to take risks!

  2. Drue

    Yes the video shows Tim’s Zen openness to adventure and fearless Valley spirit.

    Some invaluable lessons are captured here not only explicitly but through Tim’s presence and delivery.

  3. Mark Coggins

    Appreciated Tim’s candor here and his comments about learning from failure. Structuring the questions around the samurai code was a good way to guide him to areas he might not have delved into otherwise.

  4. Drue

    Thanks Mark — I agree~

    New structures –
    in a Sumi-e painting, an interview, or even computer code can lead to the discovery of new meanings.

    I am striving, as always to reveal essence.

  5. Bill Fenwick

    A more honorable reason for taking the whole trunk is to preserve all of one’s options. Kick the can down the road and avoid someone else taking the object that is eventually selected. However, such a person could not be a Samurai because such an act would show fear and unwillingness to take a risk. Maybe for a would-be Samurai greed would be a better motive. Then again, it doesn’t matter because either motive would disqualify the candidate.

  6. Roldano Guerra

    The Samurai indeed had their code of honor. Essentially they had their time and place in the world, in today’s world, many times life repeats itself – the expression “what goes around comes around” is very true! The same are the rewards for the old samurai and the new one… the venture capitalists. Long they live and the best of rewards to their style of living!
    Thank you Drue, to expose us to some of the more delicate insights of life.

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  8. Bambi Francisco

    I really enjoy your work. I think ValleyZen would be a great channel on Vator.tv (the network for innovators). Contact me if you’re interested.

  9. Jason Cyr

    As an aspiring entrepreneur it is always insightful to get inside the heads of VCs, especially those as renowned and successful as Tim Draper. Video interviews truly blow away the standard “text only” interview format and your editing skills seem to be getting better all the time. :-)

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the great piece!
    – jc

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