Meeting Michelle Obama in Chicago — Barack Obama & Oprah speak to Women Leaders – Drue’s art exhibit celebrates America

10.24.08 | Category: Breaking News, Power Zen, Uncategorized, Valley Future, Zen Government

Drue and Bill meet Michelle Obama
ValleyZen was invited to attend the National Women’s Leadership Initiative National Issues Conference. Billed as “the pinnacle event of the general election to highlight the importance of women’s leadership,” it drew women from all 50 states. Mega donors as well as high-level policy makers and senior campaign advisors converged on the Chicago Sheraton Towers to focus on “issues…

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Drue’s Art in the First In-Space Art Exhibit on Richard Garriott’s Space Mission

10.17.08 | Category: Asymmetry, Breaking News, Power Zen, Valley Future, Video, Zen Earth

Drue's painting UP!On Sunday, famed video game developer Richard Garriott launched into space aboard a Soyuz TMA spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. For more than $30 million, he has become the sixth private citizen to travel into orbit.

The Russian rocket lifted off on schedule at 1:01 p.m. (3:01 a.m. EDT), carrying precious cargo including a revolutionary experiment in art —the first in-space art exhibition. Highlighting the importance of private space travel to future generations, Garriott is hosting this zero-gravity art exhibition. Included is an original brush painting by Drue Kataoka, created for this historic
description of Drue's painting UP!

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3 Zen Things to do in a Recession

10.07.08 | Category: Asymmetry, Power Zen, Simplicity

Drue's Sumi-e painting of a crane soaring highYesterday, the Dow Jones fell below 10,000 points. Stress and risk are everywhere: the financial crisis, the deepening recession, the threat of losing one’s job and savings. Staying afloat in a sea of red ink is hard.

Sourcing from the ancient wisdom of Zen provides timeless lessons in a world of chaos. As a Sumi-e artist, the Zen principles are alive in my brush every moment. I take lessons from my brush. Here are three:

1. Spare your brush strokes

Less is more. In my Sumi-e paintings, I strive for maximum…

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