Doug Engelbart’s Legendary 1968 Demo & The Birth of Collective Intelligence

01.22.09 | Category: Valley Future, Valley History, Zen Law

Peter Friess, Steve Wozniak, Drue Kataoka and Bill Fenwick
The first time I met Apple Co-Founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak was in 1976 when they came to my office to talk about a company they were starting. Back then, Wozniak and Jobs were leaders in the two strongest directions of Collective Intelligence– building tools to achieve extensions of the human being, and facilitating the collection of human thoughts in a shared repository. Indirectly, the two Steves were followers of Doug Engelbart, the leader in the field of Collective Intelligence. Doug Engelbart’s concept of the use of a mouse was implemented by Apple to revolutionize a new human machine interface…

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