Peter Thiel’s Philanthropy for the Future: Audacious Optimism

12.09.10 | Category: Breaking News, Valley Future, Video

Last night we attended a special evening arranged by Peter Thiel and the Thiel Foundation entitled “Audacious Optimism.” Held at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, this unusual philanthropic summit brought together 8 organizations to present their visions for the future.

The evening began with a reception and cocktails and then a welcome from the Thiel Foundation and Patri Friedman, grandson of economist Milton Friedman and co-founder of the Seasteading Institute.

Next, a series of lightening talks from the founders or Presidents of the eight organizations began. The speakers were: Patri Friedman from the Seasteading Institute, Dr. Chris Wood from the Santa Fe Institute, Mike Kope from the Sens Foundation, Neil Jacobstein from Singularity University, Michael Vassar from Singularity Institute , Christine Peterson from the Foresight Institute, Ben Goertzel from Humanity+, and Peter Diamandis from the X Prize Foundation.

I filmed Peter Thiel’s closing remarks on my iPhone. Please check them out in their entirety here:

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