750 Attend TEDx Berkeley – Brains, Music and Wearable Computers

04.04.10 | Category: Power Zen, Valley Future

Yesterday TEDxBerkeley gathered world-leading thinkers, makers, and doers at UC Berkeley to discuss Doing the Unprecedented. The audience was composed of a diverse and curated mix of 750 entrepreneurs, executives, professors, students, and thought leaders from Berkeley and beyond. A stimulating day of presentations, discussions, entertainment and art sparked new ideas.

To capture the theme of “Doing the Unprecedented,” Drue created an original work of art. Drue’s “A Small Step” is a bear in a space suit walking on the moon.

Below is a photo essay of highlights from the day:
Drue's painting for TEDx Berkeley
TEDx Berkeley Co-Curator Kai Chang makes a triumphant gesture on stage before a projection of Drue’s painting “A Small Step”

Detail of the face of the bear in “A Small Step.” What is this bear thinking?

Kai Chang, Jessica Mah and Drue Kataoka in front of Drue's painting
Co-Curators Kai Chang and Jessica Mah with Drue

All speakers signed Drue’s “A Small Step.” Here, neuroscientist Bradley Voytek signs. Getting ready backstage was quite an experience because amidst all the microphones, lights, stagehands and chaos, Bradley had stashed a whole tray of brains in jars :) ValleyZen liked the personal element of his talk, weaving in the story of his grandfather with his love of neuroscience.

Backstage – light, microphones, and well, a lot of brains in jars behind Drue :)

Drue Kataoka flute
Drue played on her flute an original composition by Berkeley resident and Japanese Shakuhachi master Masayuki Koga Sensei

The audience at TEDx Berkeley inside Wheeler Auditorium was fun to play for. Great energy in Berkeley!

Daniel Draft
TED speaker Dr. Daniel Kraft’s talk was excellent. In a short time it spanned wearable computing, robotic surgery, cybernetics and stem cells.

Chris McCann, Co-Founder of the Startup Digest, poses with a friend before “A Small Step”

Backstage, Juliana was keeping all the mics straight and taping them on to our heads

In the lobby at break: Svetlozar Kazanjiev, Drue, Barney Pell, and Nadya Direkova

Drue’s “A Small Step” bear in space is “watching the clock” for the speakers

A great group of people at TEDx Berkeley came out on a Saturday

TED Speaker Gever Tulley (Tinkering School) was a surprise guest. Afterwards he showed Drue his fascinating notebooks.

Jess Mah wraps up a fantastic day.

Congrats to Co-Curators Jessica Mah and Kai Chang, Jennifer Barr (Marketing/Operations), Navi Ganancial, (Logistics), Massimo Paolini, (Web Strategies), Rocky Mullin (Technical Director), Francesca Sterling, (PR), Eli Chait, David Allen, and Brandon Liu.

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  1. Bradley Voytek


    These are excellent pictures! I’m lamenting not having the wherewithal to have brought a camera of my own. I’m relying upon the TED crowd to be tech-heavy enough to have brought many cameras.

    Thanks for the kind words. As you know, it’s not easy to get up in front of a crowd and talk about something personal. I’m glad you enjoyed it… it eases some anxiety to know that people enjoyed it.

    I’ll be posting links and some TEDxBerkeley thoughts as well:

    Cheers, and hopefully we get a chance to meet some time!

  2. Daniel Kraft


    As at TEDxSV your playing and art really made the event extra-special.
    Thanks for posting the pics. Was fun to see and share the speakers stage with you. Next TEDx we are due to play a flute/clarinet duet :-)

  3. Neil Girling

    It was an absolute pleasure to see you perform this weekend. My small collection of photographs can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/carnivillain/sets/72157623772492580/


  4. kai chang

    Drue – your delightfully whimsical poster arrive at a perfect time that morning; as organizers, we were harried, worried, and seeing the image of the bear in space put a smile on the entire team’s face, mine included.

    It was a shame we missed you at the Speaker’s Dinner afterward. It was an honor to have you on our stage (symbolically, the entire time by virtue of your artwork).


  5. Julia M. Wei, Esq.

    love that bear! The photos capture what had to be an event more exciting than any lecture I ever attended there!

  6. Bill Fenwick & Drue Kataoka

    @Bradley Thanks for your thoughts and your link. Your brains in and out of their jars were a star attraction.

    @Daniel haha great to see you Daniel. I can’t believe how much you packed into one talk.

    @ Neil. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your link.

    @ Kai Thanks for your kind words. What you said about the Zombies on stage made me laugh.

    @ Julia – Thank you! Really appreciate it. I didn’t know you went to CAL. Fantastic.

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