CHARLIE ROSE BACKSTAGE: Exclusive Video Interview

03.16.09 | Category: Power Zen, Simplicity, Video

Charlie Rose and Drue

We recently met with Charlie Rose, Host of the Charlie Rose Show. Rose was this month’s featured guest for Dick Henning’s Celebrity Forum. While swinging through Silicon Valley, Rose also interviewed some Valley luminaries including Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams and Stanford’s President John Hennessy.

BUT— ValleyZen interviewed Charlie Rose!

Don’t miss this exclusive backstage interview where Rose takes time to chat before addressing one of three sold-out crowds at Flint Center.

Check out Charlie Rose:

  • On Negative Space in Interviews
  • On gestures, the human face, and memory
  • On Intuition
  • On the Zen nature of his set
  • On the secret to engaging his guests
  • On people he wishes he could have interviewed, like George Balanchine

About Celebrity Forum

If you are in the Bay Area and have not ordered tickets for Celebrity Forum yet, you are missing out on a rare opportunity. Dick Henning is one of the world’s most influential hosts. His charisma and track record make him a magnet for the biggest celebrities and stars in the world.

The Celebrity Forum, now in its 40th year, is a highly-prized speaking engagement—every former president since Nixon (he wouldn’t take an honorarium, or questions) has spoken to Henning’s audience, and the list of the 250+ speaker alumni reads like Who’s Who of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Henning has also always had a focus on the educational value of what he has created. Countless students young and old have been enriched by his program. To learn more visit:

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  2. Elena Danielson

    Interesting way to interview an interviewer. The mirrors carried the theme visually. You brought out some key concepts in his approach, the intense attention to pauses, gestures, facial expressions, using an uncluttered set for viewing these moments without distractions. He’s not trying to uncover “new” facts, but to establish an engagement. While he is a verbally adroit speaker, he’s looking for the non-verbal things that words would not convey in a printed text of the interview. And he was wary and preferred to interview you! A lot going on in that short clip. Brava! – Elena

  3. Drue Kataoka

    @ Henri- Thanks for tuning in from the East Coast

    @ Elena – When we scouted the backstage area, the dressing room with vanity mirrors was my first choice. I thought it offered many visual possibilities with all the doubling images. I appreciate your subtle commentary on framing this interview with the mirrors.

    Thank you very much for your comment about Rose’s approach, and the importance of removing distractions.

    The interview went on longer but I cut it down to fit in youtube’s ten minute limit. Rose was talking right up to the moment he had to go on stage. Then the Nascar like pit-crew sprung into action to quickly suit him up with his other microphone for the house sound system.

  4. Vlasta Diamant

    I have been watching Charlie Rose’s interviews for years. His best and closest Zen quality, which is also present in writers and artists – people probing the nature of reality, is directness, simplicity, courage to cut the surface tension around an interviewee, to choreograph the dance of lunging and stepping back. In your interview, Drue, it was clear, that he was more comfortable in asking than being asked. He wasn’t prepared to think in Zen terms and he may not be aware of his Zen qualities, but that is immaterial. That was a great opportunity to interview someone of his stature. Congratulations!

  5. sandra

    Blow me away…this was one of the best interviews yet. Zen meets the simplicity of the “conversation”. So much in this interview Drue. You just can’t imagine. The art of communication is Zen and both you and Charlie are the epitome of it. Drue you need your own show…I mean Valley Zen should be televised…

  6. Angus Blackwood

    I agree with Charlie, when he referred to Harold Pinter, it can be more difficult to explain the negative space than use it.

  7. joel roberts

    UGH!….I was really looking forward to seeing this interview..I really hope it has not been deleted~

  8. Maria

    perlas in her eyes and her eyes in the perlas The radiance in her Iris is in harmony with the radiance of the white space. I see hair as a frame but not as important as the eyes: the mirror of the soul. I feel a certain sadness yet looking forward towards the future, with words not spoken, bound on the tip of the tongue of which closed lips hidden secrets.Thank you Drue. You can see so much without all the unnecessary details.

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